Single Plug Doors

Sliding Plug Doors

Inward Gliding Doors

Gliding doors have the advantage of a large glass area offering a pleasing appearance and maximum sideways vision for the driver. Simple flat gliding doors, set back approximately 70mm from the exterior where they are less vulnerable to damage, can be provided with a step cut-out (a small hinged section in the lower panel) to enable the door to pass over the first step.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are commonly used for tour coaches and utility coaches. They can be profiled to fit a contoured body-side and the leading edge can be inclined rearwards to suit an inclined windscreen pillar. Pivot doors are suitable for door apertures up to one metre wide.

The principal disadvantage of a pivot door is that it sweeps forward as it opens, so requiring generous clearance in the step-well and behind the windscreen and trim at the front of the vehicle.