Our Capabilities


Specialised metal fabrication manufacturing, assembly and glazing capacity available including the following functions:

Tig and arc welding service for steel, stainless steel and aluminium.
Forming/bending/curving aluminium sections from small radius corners up to any size.
Production cutting, routing and machining of aluminium stock.
50 tonne versatile hydraulic large capacity metal working press for cutting steel angle or flat, cropping and punching up to 12mm steel.
Rubber or polyurethene glazing.
Quality and competitive assembly work.

Design and Engineering

In-house engineering and CAD design service:

Full 3D modelling
Interference checking
Optimisation FEA
CNC cut files
Control system design

Inspection and Quality Control

Research and Development

We have strong relationships with accredited testing labs and Universities:
BRANZ Laboratory
University of Auckland (Uniservices)
Massey University

Commitment to customer satisfaction

We have a “better-by-design” philosophy, and we are dedicated to continuous improvement of our products and systems.